Coconut Oil

Coconut oil also known as copra oil is the oil removed from the meat of coconuts. It is also edible. The oil has various applications, however due to its concentration of highly saturated fat, it is slow to oxidize. It can be either collected by the dry or wet process. The dry process involves the meat to be extracted and dried using various ways such as fire, or sunlight. The wet process on the other hand uses raw coconut rather than mature ones but getting the same results. It is one of the most versatile food we have discovered. I can be used for cooking and as a natural form of cosmetic for beauty treatments. Considered to be the tree of life in Southeast Asia, there are about 1000 benefits of using the oil. Some top benefits include balancing hormones, killing candida, moisturizes the skin, reduces cellulite, even decreasing wrinkles and improves Alzheimer’s and one of the most interesting, fat burning.

Here are some of the uses of coconut oil:

Cooking (frying) – Coconut oil is one of the best alternatives to cooking meat at high heat. Since most oil oxidizes when heated in cooking, coconut oil being made up of saturated fats is stable under extreme temperatures.

Energizer – When used with chia seeds, coconut oil will grant you an energy boos you might need throughout the day or after a workout. Just mix 1 tbsp. of coconut oil along with half tbsp. of chia seeds and you will instantly feel the benefits.

Cooking Spray – When cooking using skillet or even cooking meat in oven, sometimes it sticks to the bottom and you meat might break or end up looking worse that you had pictures when you opened your cooking book. Now with coconut oil, that is not a problem anymore since with only a teaspoon or two and the trick is done.

Makeup Remover – Just a small amount of coconut will is enough to remove makeup. Once it is liquefied, you just wipe it off gently and all make up will come off. As a bonus it does not irritate eyes and instead hydrates it.

After Shower Hydration – If you have quite a few bottles of it, or even one, try applying it onto your body just after your shower. The oil will lubricate and hydrate your skin and soothe it. If you are going out in the morning too with the sun shining too bright, you can apply it and it acts as a natural UV protector.

Teeth whitening – Mix the same amount of coconut oil and baking soda with a few drops of essential oil and voila you have a toothpaste. One you use it and wash it a few times, it will you will see the difference since it whitens teeth with those active ingredients. This will also improve you gum health and make your breath fresher.

 Wound Healing – Having been used for hundreds of years, the latter can be used to speed the healing process of burns and open wounds. This happens because coconut oil contains antibacterial and antifungal properties as well as lauric acid to kill germs.

As insect repellent and Massage Oil – Coconut oil can be used both in massaging sore muscles as well as heal them. It was also used as insect (mosquito) repellent a few decades ago. The good thing about it is that it is naturally and there are no secondary effect upon the body.


Dandruff prevention – Used as a shampoo, it clean all of the dandruff residue on your scalp and if you often dye your hair then don’t worry, it doesn’t take the dye off like most chemical shampoo does. If you feel that your scalp is allergy to it though, then don’t use it next time or use less to build resistance to it.

Clean Hairbrush – Using it on your hairbrush or even that of your pet will completely annihilate the bacteria as well as removing all the sticky hair. However it only works for not so long hair. If you hair is too long, then you’ll have to pull it as the oil untangle it from the brush.

Shoe Polish – Try polishing your leather shoes using coconut oil instead of buying other kinds of polishing material. Even if it has some small damages, the oil will disguise those and will make it look new again.

Inflammation – Once ingested, coconut oil fight liver and kidney inflammation. However to do that you should get virgin coconut oil since the processed one is prepared with chemicals that might not be so good for the liver.

Acne preventer – Being a serious issue for teens which is caused by the oil imbalance on the skin, the coconut oil (virgin one) is a natural antibiotic for it. You should however try honey with it to be 100% effective.

Digestion made Easy – Digestion is often a problem even in young kids as well as old people. Taking coconut oil will let the stomach and intestine has natural probiotics which will destroy the harmful bacteria and control the absorption of essential nutrients. The antifungal and antimicrobial properties will also help in controlling parasite which helps greatly in the digestion process.

Stabilizes diabetes – Lastly, coconut oil if ingested balances the blood sugar level and improve the diabetes problem. Since it encourage the production of insulin from the pancreas, sugar level get pretty balanced.


Coconut are one of the rare advertised products that really provides the benefits of the advertisement. It is pretty much the in the jack of all trades of the food section. However just because coconut oil provides all those benefits doesn’t mean you should lead an unhealthy style. In fact, no matter how much coconut oil you ingest, if you lead an unhealthy life, coconut oil won’t help you the least.

Either way, now that you know the benefits of the coconut oil, feel free to decide if you want to use them at your place.

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